Medicine is based on pathology, whereas wellness is based on the individual.
— Jeffrey Yuen
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Divergent Channels are created by the body if a vital organ is under attack.  They are able to divert a pathogen away from the organ and keep it safely sequestered in a major articulation such as a knee or hip.  Why doesn’t the body just eject the pathogen?  If one’s immune systems is compromised, due to long standing constitutional, environmental and/or lifestyle factors, then an otherwise manageable pathogen can very rapidly penetrate to the deepest level of the body and threaten an organ.

The Disease Nemesis theory, the terrain of the Divergent Channels, simply states that when it comes down to survival, the body will choose the lesser of two evils.  In this case, arthritis in lieu of organ failure.  As we age, our ability to hold a pathogen dormant in the joints diminishes, and as this happens, the result is arthritis.  Or eventually, the complete degeneration of a major articulation such as a hip or knee.

An acupuncturist can work with the Divergent Channels to shore up the body’s defenses to the point where the pathogen can ideally be released completely, preventing degeneration of the joints or any internal organs.

Common conditions treated by this system include: auto-immune conditions such as allergies or systemic lupus; long standing pain; and one-sided symptoms as benign as tremors or as debilitating as migraines.