OK.  From the start, acupuncturists are at a bit of a disadvantage...we have the word "puncture" in our title.  And we use needles!

The ones we use are very different from the needles you're thinking of.  Acupuncture needles don't cut the skin like syringes do.  And they are so thin that up to 40 of our acupuncture needles can fit inside a single syringe needle.  That's super thin!

Historically, nine different needles were used until an Emperor complained and insisted that only the thinnest of the nine needles be used.  And from that date on, the thinnest needle became the standard.  And instead of nine different needles, there are now nine different needle techniques, all which use this same thin needle.

That said, if you would like a treatment that doesn't use needles, at least initially, I can employ other techniques such as acupressure, cupping, guasha and moxibustion.  We can even use essential oils in lieu of needles; Jeffrey Yuen, my teacher, wrote a manual on how to employ essential oils on different points. 

Paramount in our training as practitioners is the duty to meet any patient exactly where they are, and this includes whatever steps are necessary for a treatment to feel safe.