What is Classical Chinese Medicine?

Classical Chinese Medicine (CCM) is a lineage based tradition that represents "one of humanity’s richest and uninterrupted streams of traditional knowledge." (Heiner Fruehauf). 

CCM has traveled to us over the ages from master to apprentice.  My teacher, Jeffrey Yuen, is the 88th Generation of the Jade Purity School, a lineage that includes Sun Si Miao, the great Tang Dynasty unifier of Chinese Medicine.

What does Acupuncture treat?

I focus on treating chronic conditions, specifically autoimmune diseases and opportunistic infections such as Lyme.  Asthma and allergies are included in the above, as are many digestive issues.  

And since life itself is literally a chronic (chronos = time)  condition, a similar diagnostic lens can be applied to the challenges of aging, including: arthritis, lower back pain, high blood pressure and overall vitality.  

I have chosen to specialize in the Ancestral Channels, a set of channels distinct from those used in conventional acupuncture.  This lens addresses disease patterns that are passed on through families.

I also use a special acupuncture channel system that addresses anxiety and depression along with a wide spectrum of emotional challenges.  For more about what I mean, read about the Luo Channels.

Classical Chinese Medicine is a slow, long lasting medicine.  One can see dramatic results, especially at first; but the true goal is to build up a person's constitutional strength so that disease is prevented in the first place.

For more specifics about the underlying philosophy of my treatments, please read the section titled The Complement Channels.