Wherever you go, go with all your heart.
— Confucius

The Complement Channels

In my training as a Classical Acupuncturist, there was great emphasis placed on the Complement Channels, sometimes referred to as the Secondary Meridians.  If the Primary Channels are the main highways of our ideal lives, then the Complement Channels are the safe havens and escape routes that our bodies create in order to hold fast and move forward in spite of blind alleys, ghost towns, and dead ends. 

The goal is to live free of the past, fully present on one's heart-centered path.  The Heart is associated with Fire and represents our deepest desires for ourselves while the Kidneys are of the Water element and represent will power.  The ideal life is one in which these two elements are well aligned.  For more about this, check out this blog entry!

In a non-judgemental, but discerning way, Chinese Medicine can help anyone heal wherever he or she may be in life.  If you are concerned about an inherited condition, this is the realm of the Ancestral Channels.  If you want to address the stress of everyday life, there are other treatment modalities to draw from.  Our bodies have a mostly unrecognized ability to roll with the punches of our life choices.  For example, we can literally create storage space for emotions by building new blood vessels (spider and varicose veins).  For more about this, read the section on Luo Channels

If you have a weakened immune system and contract an infection, a special kind of treatment can help your body keep the pathogen at bay until the immune system is revitalized.  This ability to maintain latency is the terrain of the Divergent Channels.  We are literally walking shock absorbers built to stand up to, and grow with, gravity.  Chinese Medicine recognizes this and encourages us to make conscious, healthy choices about our everyday lives.